What Michelle's Students Say About Her

Michelle Shuttleworth Towler Voice Studio


Michelle is an amazing, energetic, "cut to the chase" vocal coach. I came to her to get back to basics and release tension that I had built up over time while performing rock/pop shows on cruise ships. She helped me to adjust to a musical theatre sound while also building a whole new rep book. With a wealth of knowledge, she truly puts her heart into your specific goals without wasting any time. I am very thankful for her energy and wisdom... I highly recommend Michelle!

- Katelyn, Musical Theater Performer, New York

I have had the privilege of working with Michelle for 2 years now. I have been so amazed by her ability to speak a language that my voice understands and reacts to. Through her coaching I feel like I have grown as both a vocalist and actor. She pushes me while ensuring that I am doing what’s right and authentic for my voice. She is kind, fun, and, most importantly, incredibly knowledgeable about proper vocal technique. Sessions with Michelle are always a joy and every time I feel like I am better than I was an hour before.

​- Nicole, Musical Theater Performer, California 

Michelle is a wonderful voice coach!  Michelle's extensive knowledge of the musical theater world has prepared me more than I ever thought I would be to enter that scene professionally. I am a trained classical singer and I am transitioning into musical theater and at first I was quite anxious as they are two very different genres, but Michelle explained how to technically differ between the two.   She has so much knowledge to share and that, to me, means she is worth every penny.  I would recommend Michelle to anyone who would like to take their singing career from an amateur to a professional level.

- Emily, Musical Theater Performer, New York

I've been a student of Michelle's for the past 6 months, and all I can say is wow. She has helped me increase my vocal range, find and fix bad habits, as well as helping me to finally understand proper vocal placement. Her knowledge of the voice is extensive and she does a great job at explaining things in terms that anyone can understand. Michelle also has great suggestions when it comes to repertoire and finding songs that relate to you. Because of Michelle, I have never felt more confident going into an audition room.

- Zach, Musical Theater Performer, New York

I have had a wonderful experience working with Michelle Shuttleworth Towler.  I began my voice lessons with Michelle by doing technique training online. We would FaceTime and she would go through different vocal and breathing exercises with me. This was imperative for me because I struggled with breath support and breathing properly when singing. After 4 lessons and working on the breathing exercises outside of the lessons, I noticed significant improvement in my singing that I was very happy with. Michelle taught the online lessons with ease and I had no problems doing them with her.
I’ve always considered myself a bass/baritone, but from working with Michelle’s teaching I was able to sing an A in full chest voice with no tension. She is very good at figuring out what exercises and vocal techniques are best for my voice rather than just giving a one size fits all kind of lesson that might not actually work. I like this because as I meet many musical theatre people, I’ve learned that many people have different exercises that work for them but not for me, and vice versa.
Aidan - Musical Theater Performer, New York

I studied with Michelle Shuttleworth Towler when I lived in New York.  I’ve since moved away but needed some lessons/coaching this month and she fit me in for some virtual lessons!!!  Michelle is an excellent teacher.  She has a way of explaining ideas in a very clear way that help improve your vocal technique and sound quality of your voice.  She provides a warm, open safe, comfortable and FUN environment during her lessons.  Anyone who studies with her will improve.  Recommend 11/10 😊
Sarah, Musical Theater Performer, Alabama

My trip to NYC was only a few days and I wanted to take some singing lessons there.  I'm so grateful to have found Michelle. She's a brilliant, passionate and wonderful teacher!  It's such a pleasure to have lessons with her. Her understanding of technique and the physiology of singing is amazing and her positive energy so inspiring! She really listens and quickly noticed problems.  Immediately she pushes you to do your best.  Working with Michelle is very intense and with so much fun!  I really appreciate her firm and clear instructions and at the same time her patience and extraordinary enjoyment of teaching!!!  Every time I left the room very happy.  I can definitely recommend her as a teacher who truly wants the best for her students and who can help you to become a better singer!!!
 - Carolin, Musical Theater Actress, Germany


Michelle is INCREDIBLE! She is an excellent teacher and has a way of explaining how to do things that just click. She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her work and it shows. I highly recommend working with Michelle. She will get you to where you want to be guaranteed!

- Katie, Pop/Rock Singer, Connecticut



Working with Michelle has been everything I've wanted and needed in a vocal teacher, seriously. I've spent my whole life as strictly a dancer, so making the transition into musical theater meant moving into unknown territory, voice lessons. Like most people trying something new I was terrified, but right away Michelle made me feel comfortable. Once I explained my background she began making connections between movement and my voice to help me not just improve, but also feel confident in my singing ability. She made it make sense. As a person with a dance education background I can say she does a better job of making these kinetic connections than some dance teachers even (seriously she KNOWS her stuff). After working with her for 4 months I feel well prepared walking into vocal callbacks, as well as excited to continue growing under Michelle's guidance. If you're looking for someone to listen to your goals as a singer, whether big or small, and help you create life long skills, then you must take lessons from Michelle. 
​- Helen, Dancer, New York

​​ I was training to become a concert dancer since I was seven years old.  However, after graduating college, then booking my first job on a cruise ship where I danced in musicals (dancers lip synced the vocals), I realized I wanted to pursue a musical theater career instead of a concert dance one!  I always loved musicals and jazz dance, but I always dismissed that as an option for me because I was an AWFUL singer.  I had no idea anyone could learn how to sing!  I thought it was a skill you had to be born with.  Good news: that's not true!  Because I have been taking lessons from Michelle (it's been about a year now), I can confidently say I'm a singer now and not only a dancer!  

Since the very first lesson, Michelle has been welcoming, energized, very knowledgeable, and a lot of fun!  It can be scary as a dancer to express yourself in a different form that your chosen one.  However, Michelle's judgment free presence, listening skills, and teaching technique would allow just about anyone to feel comfortable!  In the past, I thought of singing and dancing as two very separate things, but Michelle often connects the two.  When singers sing, it isn't just a floating head.  The WHOLE body has to be engaged!  Michelle does an awesome job of using different visualizations, metaphors, and physicalizations to teach certain vocal techniques!  Beyond vocal techniques, she also helps with the story telling, artistic aspect with singing.  Especially helpful and a necessity for auditions!  Not only is Michelle my vocal teacher/vocal coach, she is like a performer therapist too because she helps me get out of my own way and assures me that I can confidently nail all my auditions!  My dream to dance on Broadway doesn't seem impossible anymore.  It has become an achievable goal!  Overall, Michelle is amazing and I highly recommend her!
- Porsha, Dancer, New York

As a dancer who fell in love with musical theater at a young age, I had my fair share of vocal teachers and was hesitant after stepping away from performing to find a knowledgeable, local teacher.  However, Michelle was the answer to my prayers!  What initially impressed me was her attention to vocal care.  She has extensive knowledge about the physiology and anatomy of singing and has trained me carefully with strategies and techniques to develop correct placement and confidence.  She immediately identifies what needs to be improved throughout the lesson and scaffolds it to transfer and maintain in your own practice.   She listens attentively, takes her time and individualizes your vocal learning experience so you feel comfortable and safe.  For example, I have Michelle to thank for my leap into auditioning.  From choosing perfect headshots and resume, finding appropriate auditions, audition attire and etiquette and what to expect, I cannot thank her enough for the encouragement, professionalism, expertise and understanding throughout the process.  

She is extremely knowledgeable about musical theater and chooses the best cuts that show off your range, reflect your personality and relate to ideal roles to perform.  She is collaborative and supportive during the audition cut process, with many approaches to help you connect to the song and meld aspects of yourself, your character and the show into your performance.  I simply cannot say enough about how lucky I am to work with Michelle.  I recommend her all the time and you will too!
- Bonnie, Dancer, New York

If you are looking for a vocal coach, Michelle Shuttleworth Towler is the one!  She is patient, kind and understands the business very well.  She is extremely thorough and truly wants to see you succeed.  She helped me understand what my voice can do and has given me clear steps to reach my goals.  My confidence has grown so mich stringer since I began training with her!
Lauren, Dancer, North Carolina 


Michelle has been wonderful with showing me different vocal tricks to achieve the singing voice I want. And for being a VO artist for cartoons, she has also been great in helping me understand how to control my voice in a way that won’t damage my chords so I can continue to sing and also keep the quality of the voices I make for characters. She’s also a wonderfully welcoming presence.

​- Dave, Actor, New York 

From the very first time I met Michelle, I felt comfortable and completely at ease. Not only did I find her personable and professional, but I felt confident that she would actually be able to help me attain my vocal needs and goals. From extracting self confidence to exploring strengths and weaknesses, to uncovering the perfect audition song, and pinpointing placement of sound, she has been a focal point of knowledge.  Her expertise in the physical areas where sound is produced will amaze and inspire you--and you'll be shocked to find that knowing those things makes a difference!  Michelle's patience and passion for helping is evident in every lesson. She is firm but fun. The ability she has to mold the human voice is astonishing and at times I have found I don't even recognize myself! She pushes you to do your best and will go to great lengths to ensure your comfort and overall happiness.
- Mandy, TV/Film/Theater Actress, New York 

I have been training with Michelle for a few months now and I am so grateful to have found her! She has taught me so much about breathing technique, audition prep, and more. Not only is Michelle extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic to teach each week, but she is the sweetest person too, who genuinely cares about her students. Each week I learn more vocal technique and healthy ways to maintain and build a stronger voice and stage presence. I have gained so much confidence since I started training with her. 
- Grace - Actor/Vocalist, New York

Michelle is truly a fantastic voice teacher.  She is both insightful and knowledgeable – she can quickly surmise what issues may be affecting a student’s vocal production/singing, and then, just as quickly, show the student myriad ways to overcome said issue.  She is also genuinely caring and thoughtful.  Lessons are fun.  The dynamic she cultivates is one of problem-solving (i.e. How can we achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves?  How can we reproduce the advances we have made?).  I was a TERRIBLE singer, and now, because Michelle’s patience and our hard work together, I’m… pretty awesome.  I have known Michelle for almost fifteen years, and she is a great friend.
 - Paul, Actor, New York


Michelle offers a powerful combination of skills that make her an amazing voice teacher.  She is a careful listener, constantly seeking to understand and integrate the nuances of my goals into our lessons.  Her energy is inspiring and motivates me to take risks while I explore my own voice and artistic expression.  Finally, her interest and expertise in the physiological and technical elements of sound and vocal performance provide a constructive complement to her genuine love of voice and song. 
 - Matt, New York

I had always wanted to sing. But I didn't have the confidence that I could actually sing, and I remember being scared to death to go to the first lesson. The fact that Michelle was so warm and welcoming right away allowed me to relax. She made a point to stress what I was doing right when we began our basic exercises. My confidence increased, and after only the first four classes I noticed improvement. Michelle remembers your tendencies and can get you to see and correct things that may be holding you back. She knows how to get you to produce sound in a way that will further your development. Three and a half years later, after maybe 100 lessons or so, the improvement I have noticed is dramatic. I have sung for my mother, my father, complete strangers, and friends. I have developed the awareness to correct myself when I practice on my own. This is invaluable because, as Michelle has told me repeatedly, the more your practice, and practice knowledgeably, the greater your improvements will be. What it has done for my confidence and how it has changed my life is impossible to put into words, but you'll understand it after your first month of lessons.
- Tony, Casting Director, New York

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle Shuttleworth Towler for voice lessons.  She helped me overcome a major vocal hurdle.  She has an innate way of knowing what will work for each individual singer.  She is a lovely human being but her out of the box approach to teaching sets her above the rest.  She had me jumping, on the floor and even dancing while I sang to get me out of my head.  She is nothing short of amazing.  I highly recommend her!  She has such a wide range of expertise and is always learning new skills.  She would be a wonderful teacher for a beginner and the most seasoned singer. 
- Allynn, Fitness/Dance Expert, New York

Before I started voice lessons with Michelle, I had not done any vocal training and had only really been singing within the confines of my room. When I met her for a consultation, I instantly felt that she was the person that could actually help move me towards my singing goals because she knew exactly what I needed work on and how to address the many issues I had in terms of singing - range, breathing and support to name a few.  Michelle is sooo good at determining what you need to work on and is extremely thorough in her breakdown of solutions that it becomes so much easier to tackle each problem and feel progress. My experience in class has been very insightful and enjoyable and since meeting her, I have been able to build the confidence I used to lack as she has been so genuinely supportive of me and has never shown any ounce of doubt in what I can do. I have grown and learned so much (and am still learning!) and I am very happy I have her to guide me in this pursuit as it is important to have someone who truly believes in you and has a genuine concern for your wellbeing. There aren’t enough praises in this world to give her because she really is a wonderful teacher. Taking lessons with her is, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

- Kissy, Non-Profit Worker, New York

From the moment I walked into the studio for my first lesson, I knew I was in for a treat with such a lovely vocal teacher as Michelle. In the last two years since that encouraging moment, I have made more progress than I ever could have imagined. Despite taking voice lessons for over 6 years when I lived in California, I felt that I had hardly improved. Because of this, my confidence levels were at an all-time-low. However, in only two years taking lessons with Michelle, I have gone from what I used to consider zero talent to actually genuinely believing that I can sing. Two years with her has, by and large, completely eclipsed the six years I spent with my previous teacher. We have worked to eliminate my old habits in an incredibly focused and scientific way that I as a medical student really respond to. She enthusiastically takes the time to understand what teaching tactics lead to my best singing outcomes, and I am so thankful that with her help I have regained my confidence in singing.

- Melanie, Medical Student, New York

I feel so fortunate that I found Michelle Shuttleworth Towler!  I loved singing and knew I wanted to get better, but I didn’t know where to go.  I stumbled across her website and decided to take a chance.  Instantly, I knew I made a good decision.  Her kindness and patient spirit make the lessons feel so comfortable and easy.  I’ve only been taking virtual lessons for a few months, but I’ve already learned so much.  Each lesson has been packed with “aha!” moments.  I can’t wait to keep going and see what I can do with her guidance.  I couldn’t recommend her enough!
- Madison, Broadway Make Up Artist, New York


I honestly can’t count how many times I have recommended Michelle Shuttleworth Towler to actors.  She is one if the finest vocal coaches in NYC.  Always concerned with the vocal health of her students, Michelle is incredibly knowledgeable in both vocal technique and vocal performance.  She also offers invaluable advice to her students on audition technique and how to prepare your book for an accompanist.  But perhaps Michelle’s biggest strength is her compassion and kindness.  You will always leave a lesson with Michelle feeling prepared, challenged and inspired.
Alex, Musical Theater Professor, New York