Michelle Shuttleworth Towler Voice Studio

Online Lessons

Michelle has been teaching remotely for years, catering to students on tour, those who live abroad and students who book jobs outside NYC.  Now, she has moved the entire studio online!  

Traditionally, online singing lessons are ideal for anyone who is not able to come to midtown for an in-person lesson or for anyone who simply values the convenience of taking lessons in the comfort of their home.  Michelle is able to offer the same high quality teaching as in the studio via Skype, FaceTime Or Zoom!  

Online lessons are great for:

- Students schooling remotely who want expert voice training at home

- Students who want high quality lessons, but do not live in the NYC area

- Remote Audition coaching

- Students who need help crafting a cut or song​

- Busy students who have difficulty finding time to travel to a studio

- Performers who are touring or working regionally